Karen Fasimpaur

Where I can be found

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With various nonprofits

I work with a variety of nonprofits, providing communications, strategic planning, coordination, and social media.

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K12 Open Ed

This is a site I’ve developed about open education, with includes the Kids Open Dictionary.

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I write copiously, online and off, for business and pleasure.

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Growing things

I enjoy growing food and have started a seed library.


That's an interesting name
Professional background

Having run several small companies, I am now an independent consultant providing strategic planning, online communications, technology development, community building, and social media for a variety of organizations, focusing on nonprofits with a social change mission.

  • I have started and run several small companies.

  • I make web sites, online communities, courses, videos, social media, and more.

  • I am a skilled writer, photographer, and strategist.

  • I can make a significant difference in the projects I am passionate about.